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“Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein, who resigned from parliament in protest over the bribes compatriots took from South Africa’s infamous R70bn Arms Procurement Deal, says that plundering will “seem like small change” against what’s planned from the proposed Nuclear Build programme. In our interview two months ago, Feinstein urged his countrymen to “take to the streets”. He believes concerted action by civil society is the only way to stop political insiders driving through a deal with Russia that’s certain to bankrupt the country….. Watch it. Or be prepared to repent at leisure.” – Alec Hogg (source: BizNews)

SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa Jhb have been active in opposing this potentially corrupt nuclear deal since 2014, when the organisations became concerned by the indications given that South Africa’s energy future was being decided behind closed doors by foreign business interests. Read more…


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Court papers & press releases from SAFCEI/ELA court case

Court papers Earthlife & SAFCEI Oral Note for Argument 22 Feb final ELA & SAFCEI – DoE Resp Heads of Argument 2 Dec 2016 ELA & SAFCEI – DoE Resp Supplementary Heads of Argument 7 Feb 17 Earthlife supplementary heads 30 Jan 2017 final Order-Granted-13-December-2016 18-11-2016-ELA-SAFCEI-MoE-applicants-heads DoE-in-re-ELA-SAFCEI-resp-HoA ELA-et-al-v-MoE-et-al-pleadings ELA-SAFCEI-final-replying-affidavit Earthlife & SAFCEI-v-Dept-Energy_answering-affidavit 4-august-2016-letter-to-snr-state-attorney-earthlife-africa-jhb-v-minister-of-energy Letter-from-state-lawyers-refusing-request ELA-JHB […]

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Youth Activist’s Poignant Message on Nuclear at Kathrada Memorial

The inspiring speech on the nuclear deal from Right2Know activist & SAFCEI’s youth ambassador, Siphokazi Pangalele, which was read out at the Kathrada memorial: “Ahmed Kathrada got his first taste of politics when he was 12 and served his first stint in jail for political activism at 17. He was an inspiration to youth to become […]

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D-Day for public comment on the Govt’s proposed Energy Plan amidst Cabinet reshuffle chaos

NEWS RELEASE 31 MARCH 2017 D-DAY FOR PUBLIC COMMENT ON THE GOVERNMENT’S PROPOSED ELECTRICITY PLAN AMIDST CABINET RESHUFFLE CHAOS  The Cabinet reshuffle announced by President Zuma last night saw both the Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan – who has been adamant that the country would not finance nuclear if it was unaffordable – and his deputy […]

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#StopSecretTrillionRandDeals march

The day of action around the court hearing of the Earthlife Africa Jhb and SAFCEI nuclear court case had a great turnout and we had representatives from organisations all over the country join to speak out against #SecretTrillionRandDeals with a #StopSecretTrillionRandDeals march in Cape Town. In Johannesburg and Pretoria, further supporters gathered at the Department […]

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Save the Budget (and the Country), Minister Gordhan. Say ‘No!’ To Nuclear

NEWS RELEASE  22 FEBRUARY 2017 This morning, 22 February 2017, as the rest of the country waits with baited breath for Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan to present his budget speech, Earthlife-Africa Johannesburg (ELA-JHB) and the Southern African Faith Communities Environmental Institute (SAFCEI), along with hundreds of ‘anti-nuclear deal’ supporters (young and old alike) will march from […]

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Scrap nuclear power, expand renewable energy sources, urges Archbishop Makgoba

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, the Most Revd Thabo Makgoba, has appealed to the South African government to scrap plans for developing nuclear energy and instead to spend the money on education, training and other development initiatives. The archbishop said in a statement issued from the church’s Synod of Bishops today: “The Synod of […]

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The Largest Nuclear Procurement In SA To Date Is In The Hands of The Western Cape High Court

By Sam Sole & Micah Reddy* The brinkmanship over Government’s controversial decision to procure up to 9,600MW of nuclear power capacity is set to be exposed in the Western Cape High Court from February 22 to 24. Two applicants in the case, Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI), are challenging […]

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Invitation to Civil Action

Dear Friends, In December 2016, Earthlife Africa Jhb (ELA) and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) took government to court to overturn the secret nuclear deal – a deal which threatens to bankrupt our country, leaving nothing for social (or any other) development for the foreseeable future. The case was postponed and the next court hearing […]

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