About Us

Many organisations and individuals have spoken out against the nuclear deal, however at the end of 2016 the need for a unified campaign became clear.

As Max du Preez sums up so well:

“South Africans will have to mobilise quickly and on a much greater scale than ever before to prevent the single biggest disaster facing us in the near future: the plans to build a fleet of nuclear power stations….”

Civil society groups and concerned citizens came together in January 2017 to form the Stop the Secret Nuke Deal campaign.

The campaign does not seek to make a judgement on nuclear as an energy source, but is rather opposed to the secrecy in which this deal is shrouded and to the government’s lack of accountability on it.

South Africans have the right to have a say on whether our country should pursue such a vastly costly venture, and yet despite many promises, no public participation has been allowed. There has also been no open and transparent process that shows that South Africa even needs that much energy, and that that energy should come in the form of nuclear.

We believe government processes to be open, transparent and accountable!  

Read also this excellent synopsis by OUTA, on why the nuclear deal needs to be challenged: http://www.outa.co.za/nuclear-campaign/main-concerns-issues-nuclear-deal/