Heartfelt letter from Niger

Dear SAFCEI, All in Africa and in the World,

Golden Masibiko

Golden Misabiko, International Human Rights Defender

We thought that we had learned the lesson after the March 2011 most destructive event in Japan, of which the uncontrollable aftermath is still giving the Japanese and the whole world headaches and migraines in the inefficient and awkward efforts to find the solutions for the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Only one nuclear plant that exploded in Japan, one of the lands of the most technically erudite people, the whole world, including Japan, is still incompetently trying to control the plant catastrophes.

The disaster of Chernobyl in Russia, the land of Rosatom that is going to build the 8 Nuclear Power Plants in South Africa, Africa, is still in our mind. We know how calamitous this nuclear catastrophe was and is still.

Because of unpreventable accidents of the nuclear power plants in the world, many countries are becoming very reluctant to engage on the nuclear programs. Rosatom, the Russian nuclear firm, that is likely to start building 8 Nuclear Power Plants (?) in South Africa has, recently, declared that it was going to stop its uranium mining activities expansion in several countries; because of the low prices of uranium on the markets; and also due to the fact that many countries are phasing out of the uranium and nuclear programs.

8 Nuclear Power Plants in Africa, South Africa can only be understood as an apocalyptic plan to destroy Africa.

And South Africa being part of Africa and of the world, the world needs to stand up and say, ‘’ NO! TO  8 NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN AFRICA; NO TO 8 NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN SOUTH AFRICA, OUR LAND!

And all of us in the world, we need  to join our hands to STOP the accelerated catastrophic plan to destroy South Africa; taking advantage of people’s extreme ignorance and misery environment with total lack of expertise in the nuclear debates among  local communities. DO SOMETHING!


Golden Misabiko

International Human Rights Defender

Nuclear-Free Future Award 2014

Environmental Laureate

AUA Member

Nomee MEA 2006 for Human Rights

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