Invitation to Civil Action

Dear Friends,

In December 2016, Earthlife Africa Jhb (ELA) and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) took government to court to overturn the secret nuclear deal – a deal which threatens to bankrupt our country, leaving nothing for social (or any other) development for the foreseeable future. The case was postponed and the next court hearing is scheduled for 22 February.

While our support-base continues to strengthen – with unwavering support from Right2Know Western Cape (R2K WC), One Million Climate Jobs Campaign, the Green Anglicans, the Catholic Justice and the Peace, Greenpeace and OUTA – we need you to gather your troops (family, friends, colleagues, etc) and help us STOP this deal dead in its tracks. Our modest crowd outside the courtroom last year, had a positive impact for our case. IMAGINE WHAT A MASS CROWD COULD DO!

Our public campaign continues to inform South Africans of the secret deal and reiterate that secrecy in government IS NOT OKAY. These secret deals always lead to taking resources from the poor, in the interest of a few. We need the public to come out in numbers and join our inclusive, broad-based civil society march – on Wednesday, 22 February from 9am [gathering corner Plein and Roeland Streets, outside Parliament gates] –  to demand openess, transparency and accountability from our government. 

Say ‘NO!’ to nukes and ‘YES!’ to a cleaner energy future for South Africa, and also DEMAND that our government adheres to the Constitution. Join us in our public actions to #StopSecretNukeDeal. Now is our chance to stand up for justice – to stand against corruption, state capture and the looting of our state resources. We need as much support as we can get!!!

BACKGROUND: In 2014, the South African government signed an international agreement with Russia to build nuclear power stations in South Africa. This nuclear deal and associated government decisions have taken place in secret, without consulting with the public, and have already seen friends of President Jacob Zuma benefit from tenders awarded.

It is estimated that the proposed nuclear build programme in South Africa may cost as much as R1-trillion, and new nuclear investments not onlly have the potential to push up the price of electricity significantly, but may bankrupt the country as well. Six new nuclear reactors are planned for South Africa and the government is pushing ahead despite solid research findings which reveal that nuclear:



Join us on Facebook: ecretNukeDeal/

Agenda for 22 February:

08h00 – 8h30            Crowds gather for march from Parliament [Cnr Plein and Roeland Streets]

08h30 – 09h00         March from Parliament to the Cape High Court

09h00                        Gather outside the High Court

09h15-9h45              Relevant speakers will address the crowd outside court (before hearing starts)

10h00                        Hearing begins

10h00-12:30             Crowds maintain vigil outside the High Court

12h30                        Updates on court proceedings with press

** If possible, these updates may be intermittent, depending on the duration of the court proceedings for this case.


For more information, please contact:

R2K: Vainola, Noma or the R2K office on 021 447 1000.

SAFCEI: Louisa, Zainab or the SAFCEI office on 021 701 8145.




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