“Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein, who resigned from parliament in protest over the bribes compatriots took from South Africa’s infamous R70bn Arms Procurement Deal, says that plundering will “seem like small change” against what’s planned from the proposed Nuclear Build programme. In our interview two months ago, Feinstein urged his countrymen to “take to the streets”. He believes concerted action by civil society is the only way to stop political insiders driving through a deal with Russia that’s certain to bankrupt the country….. Watch it. Or be prepared to repent at leisure.” – Alec Hogg (source: BizNews)

SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa Jhb have been active in opposing this potentially corrupt nuclear deal since 2014, when the organisations became concerned by the indications given that South Africa’s energy future was being decided behind closed doors by foreign business interests. Read more…


Parliament: Nuclear going ahead at the cost of democracy

By Liz McDaid Parliament has been a disturbing place to be today… One MP said that they would not allow anti nuclear activists, and also,claimed,that only nuclear physicists are qualified to speak on nuclear matters..and that anti nuke activists that have theology degrees should stay in their churches. The minister also claimed that the international […]

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SAFCEI legal response to SA secret nuclear deals

South Africa’s government is poised to commence procurement of up to eight nuclear reactors at a cost of at least R500 billion (more likely R1 trillion, dwarfing the cost of the notorious Arms Deal), excluding the costs of overruns, finance, nuclear waste treatment and decommissioning, and without having established a transparent, Constitutionally compliant procurement process […]

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SAFCEI rejects non-transparent nuclear deals

MEDIA RELEASE SAFCEI questions why South Africa is rushing into nuclear energy.  According to latest media reports, nuclear power plants are supposed to pay for themselves yet the financial details remain secret. SAFCEI rejects the government’s non transparent slavish devotion to nuclear energy. The decision to build 9600 MW of costly nuclear energy will have […]

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Press Release: Bizarre nuclear dreams at holiday resort press briefing

­ Earthlife Africa Jhb Press Release: Bizarre nuclear dreams at holiday resort press briefing – Earthlife Africa ­ Johannesburg – The Department of Energy today called a press briefing to discuss the Intergovernmental Framework Agreements that have now finally been submitted to parliament, after a long standing battle to obtain them by opposition parties, civil […]

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Imam Omar questions South Africa’s nuclear path

“There is no such thing as safe nuclear power!” Imam Dr. A. Rashied Omar of the Claremont Main Road Mosque cautioned the congregation who had come to listen to his World Environment Day khutbah (sermon).  The current electricity crisis may motivate the government and some of us to favour risky energy options such as nuclear.  […]

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Power for People: Nuclear is a moral issue

“As the youngest person in the room and someone who supports renewables, I believe it is fair for me to say: We need to think very seriously about how the future will have to deal with the energy decisions being made today.” Maloba Tshelha’s statement as spokesperson for Green Cape redirected the discussion on the […]

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