“Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein, who resigned from parliament in protest over the bribes compatriots took from South Africa’s infamous R70bn Arms Procurement Deal, says that plundering will “seem like small change” against what’s planned from the proposed Nuclear Build programme. In our interview two months ago, Feinstein urged his countrymen to “take to the streets”. He believes concerted action by civil society is the only way to stop political insiders driving through a deal with Russia that’s certain to bankrupt the country….. Watch it. Or be prepared to repent at leisure.” – Alec Hogg (source: BizNews)

SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa Jhb have been active in opposing this potentially corrupt nuclear deal since 2014, when the organisations became concerned by the indications given that South Africa’s energy future was being decided behind closed doors by foreign business interests. Read more…


Power for People: Nuclear is a moral issue

“As the youngest person in the room and someone who supports renewables, I believe it is fair for me to say: We need to think very seriously about how the future will have to deal with the energy decisions being made today.” Maloba Tshelha’s statement as spokesperson for Green Cape redirected the discussion on the […]

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Nuclear energy bad for state of our nation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Add prayerful to thoughtful and Prof Margaret Mead’s oft used quote describes SAFCEI’s objective of shifting the South African government’s energy priorities from nuclear to renewables.  The dedicated Earth Keepers who hold anti-nuclear […]

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  19 February 2015 Media release FAITH COMMUNITIES APPEAL TO MINISTER OVER DoE’s REFUSAL TO REVEAL NUCLEAR SECRETS SAFCEI appeals DoE’s refusal to provide details of nuclear deal – including feasibility studies and a record of the minister’s authority to sign the deal SAFCEI has appealed against the Department of Energy’s refusal to release details […]

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Response to President Zuma’s State of the Nation Address.

SAFCEI supports the president in his acknowledgement of the youth as our future.  Their success in the future will build on the legacy present generations leave them.  it is therefore deeply disappointing that the President continues to cling to nuclear, fracking and additional coal, quoting outdated 5 year old government electricity plans as a rationale. […]

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Support for SAFCEI’s SONA Press Statement

The following organisations and individuals support SAFCEI’s 11th February Press Statement on proposed nuclear deals: (Find the Press release “Give power back to the people” below) CANE, including Save Bantamsklip and Namakwaland Aksie vir die Gemeenskap en Omgewingsjustisie The Christ Church Constantia Green Team noPEnuke A Rocha RMC Earthlife Africa Cape Town EarthLife Africa Johannesburg […]

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