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Nuclear disaster: the long-term effects

This 11 March marks the 5 year anniversary of Fukushima and on 26 April, the 30 year anniversary of Chernobyl; both nuclear disasters that affected, affect, and continue to affect the land and people in these spaces and beyond. As Greenpeace, who commissioned a report that examines the continued radioactive contamination in these areas, writes: “These scars are […]

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Why SA should not build 8 new nuclear power stations

By Hartmut Winkler, Professor of Physics, University of Johannesburg It has been an eventful year in South Africa, characterised by power cuts, parliamentary confrontations about wasteful expenditure and student fee protests. There has, however, been a massive elephant in the room that has impacted all these issues but enjoyed surprisingly scarce attention. The idea, vigorously driven by […]

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