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Sign on: Faith Leaders call for No More Nuclear Energy

As South Africa faces another push for nuclear energy when the country is in crisis from the Covid-19 pandemic, faith communities call for no more nuclear energy.

We want the government to invest in ethical, equitable and sustainable energy plans that promote wellbeing for current and future generations and which safeguard all life on our beautiful land.

Millions face the reality of hunger, poverty, unemployment and energy blackouts as our sub-continent staggers under the Covid-19 pandemic. The risks and uncertainties of climate change looms, posing even greater long term threats to human and planetary wellbeing.

As we focus on the Covid-19 crisis, another costly drama is unfolding. With grave concern, we shine a light on the South African government’s renewed expression of interest in investing in nuclear energy.

Please join us to raise your voice by signing on to the statement.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Nuclear energy statement – July 21 2020″]

Click here to download the statement. Click here to sign on to the statement.

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