Nuclear-Free SA

Just clean energy campaign

The South African Government continues to assert that nuclear energy is safe, clean and a solution to climate change. But, it is not. There is no way to deal with high-level nuclear waste that nuclear power plants produce. It can only be stored and will continue to exist for thousands of years. Future generations will be left to deal with the costs of the high level waste and the environmental risks that emanate from it.


Koeberg produces about 30 tons of high-level waste per year, and all of it is currently stored at Koeberg – over 1000 tons of waste. If not stored properly, the waste can melt, and also ‘go critical’, which would result in a nuclear explosion. Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant is located just 40km from Cape Town. Let’s keep South Africa safe from nuclear disaster.


Koeberg is the only commercial nuclear plant in operation in South Africa and in Africa. But, if we act now and let government know that we do not want nuclear energy in our energy future, we can change that. Safcei is running a Just Clean Energy campaign. We need your help. Let government know that you say no to nuclear energy and yes to just clean energy!

#NuclearFreeSA #JustCleanEnergy #JustTransition

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